What We Do

I am Claudette Betty. I practice Source Healing. I utilize a holistic approach to uncover core issues preventing physical and mental wellness. I integrate Shamanic, Reiki energy healing with counseling and education.

What People are Saying About Me

Gifted Healer

Claudette is a gifted healer and has developed a holistic approach to uncover core issues.
` ~ Kitty Elder

Compassionate Healer

Claudette is a loving compassionate healer who developed a holistic approach by using her life experiences and wisdom to help unlock, release and heal core issues.
~ Michelle Brinkman

Reiki Healer

Claudette has performed Reiki on me several times.This has helped me tremendously with my issues concerning panic attacks and anxiety.
~ Kevin Hoban

Relaxing Healer

While facilitating a Self-Empowerment woman’s group, I experienced a panic attack for which she gave me a Reiki healing to calm me. I was use to taking an anti-anxiety pill. ~ Debbie Caulfield