Taking time to be in nature and enjoy the simplicity of life creates a serene and peaceful lifestyle.

Positive Life Skills

photograph by Kitty Elder


  • Specific actions that can be taken to build a healthy view of yourself, take responsibility for your life and live it on your terms.
  • Believe that you have the power and courage to make life changes.
  • Begin the day positively. Think about the things for which you are grateful and the things that make you happy.
  • Believe that you can accomplish anything that you set you mind to do.
  • Identify want you want and then identify the resources and strategies that will help you accomplish your goal.
  • Take small steps to alleviate pressure on yourself.
  • View setbacks constructively. A failure is nothing more than a learning experience.
  • Take pride in your accomplishments both big and small.
  • Focus on your good qualities, strengths and talents.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and activities.
  • Accept compliments and feel free to give compliments to others.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You have your own life journey.

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