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Embracing A Unique Healing Modality

This unique healing modality was created by Grace Vergis and myself.  Together, we identify the source of issues and illnesses quicker than conventional therapy. We utilize our counseling and intuitive abilities to identify blockages and imbalances in the body’s seven chakras. Once a blockage is identified, we implement our healing techniques to bring forth the source of repressed traumas and negative experiences. Counseling and education take place to help heal and change negative thoughts, irrational beliefs, and painful emotions. Reiki and Shamanic energy healing techniques are implemented to release blockages and restore the natural flow of energy throughout the body. A feeling of serenity and joy is experienced once a client’s session is completed. Noticeable healing takes place with ongoing treatments. We do workshops and seminars to introduce and demonstrate our healing modality. My telephone number is 772-233-6439 and Graces telephone number is 772-618-5460.


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